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Radical Faith

Radical Faith is a show which discusses America’s historical roots of beginning and where and how we find ourselves today as a country which has been known as the most blessed nation in the history of the world. God’s word having been the cornerstone and foundation upon which the nation was founded and built, now finds its way forward by actually returning to its foundational principles of One Nation Under God!   Paul warned us – now is our personal Kairos. The Greek word for opportunity as it appears in the Scriptures is Kairos. Scholars tell us it means “favorable opportunity.” Its derivatives imply “the right moment; that which lasts only for a while.” Kairos means a God-given opportunity is being offered to mankind at a specific moment in time. However, the word also implies there is a risk – a risk of faith. In other words, as time moves on, the opportunity can be missed. The test for us as a people is to recognize it and respond in obedience to the one who is offering it, trusting in his ability to work through us to fulfill His purposes.