Stand Up America Comedy – Let’s Talk About Senior Citizens

senior citizens

Jokes about the older generation and senior citizens.

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Stand Up America Comedy – Seniors and Related Songs


Dan gives song titles about seniors a whole new meaning.

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Wake Up America Central – Russ DeVan Speaks

Russ Devan

Russ DeVan discusses the upcoming Gala and Dr. Ben Carson. He also thanks people who were crucial in the production of Wake Up America.

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Wake Up America Central – Rick Miller Interview

Neko Rick

Kneko Burney and Rick Miller discuss the hardest part of starting a new venture for a small company (getting the ball rolling). They mention getting new customers lined up, and getting a financial plan together, and building strong relationships with those clients.

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Wake Up America Central – Kneko Burey Interviews Alan Lobock

Kneko Burney Interviews Alan Lobock, founder of SkyMall, on the Wake Up America Media Network.

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Wake Up America Central – Kevin and Donna Jessip

Kevin and Donna Jessip discuss the previous night’s Gala, and the keynote speaker Dr. Ben Carson.

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Wake Up America Central – Kevin Jessip Radical Faith

Kevin Jessip discusses the pilgrims’ migration for religious freedom, radical faith, and his ancestor who helped create the Mayflower Compact of 1620. He talks about the Black Robe Brigade as well as our founding fathers.

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Wake Up America Central – Harry Danileviks

Harry Danileviks introduces himself, a Scottsdale native, and describes how he became the person he is today.

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Wake Up America Central – Bill Federer on Islam

Russ and Bill Federer discuss their views on fear, knowledge and Islam. Bill wrote a book “What Every American Needs to Know About the Koran.” Russ and Bill talk about the contents of the book and the prophet Muhammad.

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Wake Up America Central – Erika Frantzve

Russ and Erika Frantzve discuss technology and innovation and how they affect us socially. They also discuss millennials learning from the mistakes of their elders.

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