Happenings Here – Millenial Generation Entering Adult Life


Harry Danilevics hosts the show “Happenings: Here and Now” on the Wake Up America media network. Harry discusses how the global economy, learning, travel, careers, and many other aspects of life have become interwoven with technology in the current day and age. Harry hopes to inspire the millennial generation to pursue more rewarding careers by restructuring the mentality of what ...

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Size Matters – Digital Branding


Kneko Burney on “SIZE MATTERS” talks about digital branding, and how important it is to have a digital branding online, no matter what business you are operating. Your web presence determines a great deal of your business identity and the utilization of technology in this day and age will be crucial when dealing with your competitors. She provides extensive details ...

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Just for Kicks with Nick Lowery – On Bullying


NFL Kicker Nick Lowery on his show “Just for Kicks” talks about his past and the importance of athletes and athletics to end bullying.

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The DM Zone – Saluting our Veterans

saluting our veterans

The Wake Up America Media Network is saluting our Veterans on this Veteran’s day. Host Dianemarie (DM) Collins interviews Parachutist: Army Sergeant First Class Dana Bowman , a double amputee and Veteran of the Army Golden Knights Parachute Team. Dana presents the Challenge Medal – which he carried on his skydive – to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

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The Russ DeVan Show – “Gunga Din” by Rudyard Kipling


Russ DeVan recites “Gunga Din” on the Wake Up America Media Network.

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The Russ DeVan Show – “If” by Rudyard Kipling


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The Russ DeVan Show – Patrick Henry: The War Inevitable


Russ DeVan continues his recitation of historical poetry with Patrick Henry’s “The War Inevitable” on the Wake Up America Media Network.

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The Russ DeVan Show – “The Touch of the Master’s Hand”


Russ DeVan recites Myra Brooks Welch’s “The Touch of the Master’s Hand.”

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The Anti-Cancer Club – David Nethero


Pat Wetzel interviews David Netherow, and provides her questions for “David how did you take charge of your cancer diagnosis? “I know you used meditation to help you through the experience. I did too. Tell us what you did?” “What would you say to inspire someone who has just been diagnosed?” “Your experience inspired you to write a book. Tell ...

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The Anti-Cancer Club – Dr. Peter Edelstein


Pat Wetzel interviews Peter Edelstein, and provides her questions for the interview process. “Why is it critical for someone to own their cancer?” “What specifically is something every cancer patient can do to own their cancer?” “What’s your experience with patients who have a take charge approach versus those that don’t?” “Is there more information on your website?”

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