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About Us

We believe that, for the most part, many Americans have “fallen asleep”, fed the same limited information and choices each day, by a limited number of entertainment and news television networks, just as an infant is fed its food. The familiar, easy choices have established a certain level of comfort, which embraces ignorance, and has lulled millions into apathy, helplessness, and complacency.

Technology and innovation have “shifted” the way we watch, hear, access, and process information, and while stimulating participants, has served to “disconnect” them, as well.

Wake Up America is a fresh new approach to entertainment and information that will “connect” its viewers. Utilizing an online platform, we combine the “winning formula” of 1-3 minute videos and 15- minute shows, being positive and patriotic, celebrating American Exceptionalism, delivering “what you didn’t know you didn’t know”, and empowering our viewers to be heard through social media feedback and citizen journalism.

We offer education and entertainment programing on topics such as: Lifestyle, History, Art, Science, Wellness, Prevention, Current Events, Fitness, Sports and Technique, Personal Development, Celebrities and their personal lives, Entrepreneurship, Finance and Business, Innovation and breakthrough Technology, Political issues and debate, Faith and Religion, Current Events, Comedy, Family, and much, much more.

Wake Up America is known for exceptionalism, just like the Country whose name it bears. We champion the freedom and free enterprise principles the United States is known for around the world. Although committed to a patriotic theme, Wake Up America will not be labeled as politically “right” or “left.” We are more interested in a conversation about what is “right or wrong”, for America, its people, and the rest of the world.

To this end, the Wake Up America media network will create, discover, unconceal, and provide content that viewers “didn’t know, that they didn’t know.”

We attract an audience that registers, belongs, and follows; an audience that is stimulated to return again and again, for something new and different. Our viewers are inspired to take action, become “connected,” get involved, engage in life, and be heard.